Wednesday, November 5, 2008

IF: wise.... YES WE DID!


GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nov. 7-

i thought i'd update a little since i'm posting this as my illustration friday entry (i think its very fittingfor the word 'wise')

this election was memorable and completely monumental, not only for the country but also for me. this being my first election (i turned 18 two years ago so last election was torture being too young to vote) i can't say enough how PROUD i am to have been included in this epic turn of history. being in brooklyn was probably everything i could have asked for. experiencing the eruption of happiness and success was first hand for me and god, was it beautiful.

my roommate and i were relying on updates being texted to me by a friend and my mom so we felt completely removed from what was going on, although we were very anticipatory. we were laying in our beds when at 11:00 we heard screaming and we listened and realized everyone was yelling "OBAMA!" so we went onto our front stoop and oh my god it was amazing. people just pouring out of their houses and yelling and cheering. we put some shoes on and walked through our neighborhood cheering and screaming with everyone. cars were honking people were hanging out of buses... i have never once walked down a street where every single person was beaming ear-to-ear.

i'm still in shock, pretty much. i get goosebumps all over when i remember that this change is coming and my doubts about this country are completely diminished.

the day after the glorious win, i was emailing with my dad and i said that i've never been able to say i'm proud to be an american without feeling corny and cliche, but hell, i am so proud to be an american under barack obama.


Kate said...

Nicely done!

Connie said...

This is good and hallelujah!

Mary Patterson - "White Slug" said...

Good take on "Wise" Very cool!

kate b. said...

thanks so much! and god, am i glad obama won.

murphy girl said...

fantastic drawing, really captured an essence of the man!

ArtSparker said...

Terrific drawing. Glad people voting for the first time, in particluar, were not disappointed.

Tessa said...

YAY! Obama! My heart sings for you, America. This is great - perfect for the topic.

INDIGENE said...

Well done and my sentiments exactly!

get zapped said...

Yes We Can and we did!! Nice illo and thanks for sharing your enthusiasm, it was an incredible moment in my life and the world at large!!