Saturday, October 25, 2008

new stuff on kbdotcom

sorry i haven't updated/done Illustration Friday in a while.. i have this week's i just need to get to a scanner to upload it!
in other news, i've updated my website with four new pieces:

"Why I Hate America" assignment. I really hate how news is 90% terrible with a sprinkling of happy little things.

"Animal, Vegetable & Mineral" acrylic and ink
My exploding head of sea creatures
Illustrated for the poem, "boy boxers" (sidenote for my mother, no i didn't write this poem hahah)
Plaid loose
White fitted
Prints, all a souvenier really
Every night, every rendezvous,
Clearly siphoning his wardrobe.
Every time you wake up in someone's bed.
Every time you are in someone's BVD's.
Bring them home. Wash.
Give them back?
In front of everyone.


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