Sunday, April 19, 2009

the apOCTOlypse

for my printmaking assignment, we had to do a reduction print about the apocalypse. a reduction print is where you use the same block to do every color and you start with the lightest color first, and then cut away where you want that color to remain and do the next one, repeat, etc. i did a five color print which was really laborious but i'm so happy with how it came out. i took the apocalypse and decided to do something kind of fun, but still morbid. i based the squid creature off of the idea of a Humboldt squid... these squid are very interesting yet not that researched sea creatures... they are so quizzical to scientists that they may just take over the world one day. mwahaha!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

a plethora of fantastic thangs

so i had to shoot out home to long island for a doctors appointment thursday night and i can't believe i was already back in brooklyn last night. eesh! well the weather by us was rather scummy but it made a for a gorgeous front yard panoramic! that is the sod field across the street and i love how it just seems absolutely endless. and on the left is this incredibly old and dilapidated barn that i hope they never knock down because its been there since i can remember and theres been a few barns that i loved that were knocked/fell down.

now, for another fun thing to add, i was walking home from the printmaking studio today and i came upon a crate of book in the garbage and oh my god was there a great selection. i basically took all of them, i left a history book (booooring). and i got home very excitedly and plopped on my bed and began flipping through, and out slips a polaroid picture! of very nutty looking people! hahahah i couldn't believe how a great dumpster dive turned into an even better find! woohooo