Friday, November 13, 2009


i have finally reached a point of content and it took long enough.

enough blahbalh here's the finished piece ... the review isn't there yet but ignore the lorem ipsum i just needed fake text.


Friday, November 6, 2009

for you steven smith i hate you so much

i dont even care if you dont like this steven smith art who doesn't even have a website, you lame ass....

SO I'M DOING RESTAURANT REVIEWS AND THIS IS PART OF THE WHOLE THING ILL SHOW YOU ALL THE FINISHED PRODUCT WHEN ITS FINISHED WHICH WILL BE MONDAY EVENING. i'm doing drawings on location of the actual restaurant and then featuring an appetizer, a main course and a drink... this is from Pequeña my fave mexican restaurant evar... this is just the inking of pulled pork enchiladas and rice and beans, i'll be adding color to it this weekend...


Monday, November 2, 2009

you dont even have to say it

yeah i know its been a while. its been a hell of a whirlwind of a semester so far, and notsomuch in a good way but hey im getting by and doing what i need to do. enough of the "im stressed out venting thing" lets just cut to the chase and post some art!

here are some scans of drawings i've done in my scientific illustration class. my scanner is smaller than i anticipated it to be when i thought to scan these but i was already set to scan so i did it anyways so i apologize for the vignette-like shadows on the corners... so yeah!

skull of some unidentified animal

a dried lotus pod and an opened tangerine

my first homework assignment, couldn't find anything interesting to draw so i drew my eyelash curler