Saturday, January 24, 2009

mixed media!

so, the great thing about art school is that, even though you major in something, you have the wonderful freedom to take classes in something completely different from what you may be doing for the rest of your life. this semester im taking ceramics and printmaking.. and i've been in the ceramics studio quite a bit in the past week and so far this is what i've done:

we had to pick something out of nature and simplify it into basic shapes, and of course i chose a squid. so the first one is representing their internal beak where the tear apart meat and flesh for food and the second is representing their gills and where they suck in water. i guess itd be considered their nasal passages in a way. so yeah, these are done being shaped and we're going to glaze them, fire them, etc. so i'll post updates i assume

Saturday, January 17, 2009

long time no bloggo also...ILLO FRIDAY: PALE

well hello, long time no blog because i've been traveling so much! no time to relax and i've also been looking for a new job or two.

i was in long island for christmas, brooklyn for new years, pennsylvania the weekend after new years and then on the 7th i flew down to florida with my brother for a bit, then back on the 12th, brooklyn on the 15th for a job interview/concert and now i am in long island for a day then moving back into the apartment tomorrow! jeeeeez

the concert i went to on the 15th was ida maria, who is prob one of my faves because she is just so crazy and fun and wild. the show was great. she's norwegian but lives in sweden and has this great accent. she's sooo beautiful too- pale skin, blue eyes and dark brown hair. so here's my entryy for illustration friday, for once!