Monday, November 2, 2009

you dont even have to say it

yeah i know its been a while. its been a hell of a whirlwind of a semester so far, and notsomuch in a good way but hey im getting by and doing what i need to do. enough of the "im stressed out venting thing" lets just cut to the chase and post some art!

here are some scans of drawings i've done in my scientific illustration class. my scanner is smaller than i anticipated it to be when i thought to scan these but i was already set to scan so i did it anyways so i apologize for the vignette-like shadows on the corners... so yeah!

skull of some unidentified animal

a dried lotus pod and an opened tangerine

my first homework assignment, couldn't find anything interesting to draw so i drew my eyelash curler


Steve said...

Dear Kate
I would love to comment on this except after getting excited when I read your message that you updated, and now only seeing 3 drawings IM KINDA FUCKING DISSAPOINTED. WHERES THE ILLUSTRATIONNNNNSSS WHERES THE PAINTINGSSS WHERESSS THE FINISHED PIECESSS OF ANYTHINGGGG AHHHHHHHHHH. :/ get your shit together bra you've fallen off the world of my love and steadfast readiness to jump on love tight you know bra ta fall aaaa

kate b. said...

well steve.
i would LOVE to post finished illustrations... BUT I DONT HAVE ANY. i have lots of work to do on the things i've begun and im not ready to release it to the world of blogger (aka you)


Ross Connard said...

These drawings are beautiful, at the very least. Don't stress yourself out, Kate. We're all dying and we'll all going to make it!

Much love.