Friday, November 28, 2008

pop up paper engineering

so tuesday, i went to the studio of robert sabuda and matthew reinhart. if you do not know who these amazing men are... google!

my professor, kyle olmon (who is also a crazy talented paper engineer), works alongside them in their studio with a few other people i believe (simon is another guy who was incredibly friendly also). as some of you may know, i am taking a pop up class and i am thoroughly obsessed with it, and i am slowly realizing that i might want to do this forever and ever... and maybe make a career out of it.

unfortunately, robert sabuda was not at the studio when we were there, but matthew was and god he was so great! he was mad busy with deadlines, but he still was able to take time out to give us great advice on the art world and show us some of the many and beautiful things he does. a lot of his artwork is cut-paper collage, where he cuts out little pieces of colored paper to make his images... crazy and gorgeous!

so... i was extra inspired when we went to the studio and i am thinking about talking to my professor about interning there next semester. they were all so wonderful and i really think i would adore being able to get an experience like working next to some of the gods of pop up paper engineering.

so, here's what i've been working on for about 10 hours in the past two days! its part of my final project where i have to make a multiple piece advertisement. i'm doing the new york aquarium and this is one of my pieces.

i'm sleepy. so now i'm just working on drawing some goldfish for one of my illustration assignments. my semester is almost done. i'm freakin' out man!

december 17th is my final survey, if anyone wants to come... let me know! its on pratt campus... if you're interested i'll give you details!

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