Thursday, August 6, 2009

lack of updation

okay so i've pretty much had to most unsatisfying summer of my entire life although it sure has had its wonderfully great parts. its just really been stressful and overloaded with adult things i dont want to deal with ever but i guess i'm getting old and shit happens.

so i've been working two jobs.. one in manhattan and one at home in greenport (the easternnn eastern end of the north fork of long island). so the two days i have off, i spend them traveling so it does not feel particularly like a day off ever.

today marks the day (hopefully) that our apartment is rid of bedbugs. but i shouldn't speak too soon, i always tend to jinx myself :\

okay so thats only two things, but its hard to put into words how SHITTY AND TERRIBLE it is to have bedbugs. i dont think anyone understands until they have them and pretty much have to deal with the whole situation by yourself. exhausting is an understatement. you cannot sleep comfortably until an exterminator comes (and getting one that is actually affordable is in itself a whole endeavor into darkness) and you basically have to pack your apartment up like you are moving... clothes in bags and have to all be washed, closets have to be EMPTIED completely, and all furniture has to be moved away from the walls and the beds have to be clear of anything so they can take them apart. and you have to do that twice (if you get a reputable exterminator) because the eggs do not get killed by anything in terms of the fumigation (which is most effective) so they have to come back for a second treatment to kill the eggs that hatch after a few weeks. and figuring out you have bedbugs is difficult. for months (yes months) me and my friends and my family baffled ourselves over my strange itchy welts thinking it was an allergy cause noone else that lived with me had 'bites'. guess what... not everyone is allergic to bedbugs.. so you can HAVE them and get BITTEN by them but not have any welts, so you could have a huuuuge infestation and not even know it. luckily (but not-so-much) for my i found a dead bedbug that confirmed that was the situation. one thing to know is that the landlord (if you rent) IS FULLY RESPONSIBLE no matter how the bedbugs got into the building. they HAVE to pay for the exterminator. and make sure they dont just "have a friend" come take care of it. because the last thing you want is to go through the painful process and then have to get someone else to do it all over again months later when you start to get bitten to shreds again.

okay so basically this was a bedbugs info session and i hope NONE of you in the world ever have to deal with this shit. lets hope that this is the only learning experience i have with pests and god almighty i cannot wait for everything to be back in order. sometimes i feel like things never really do get fully back in order, but i guess that keeps my on my toes.

in art news, im redesigning my website so it should be ready soonish.


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Ross Connard said...

You're not the only one that's had a difficult time adjusting to adult life. I was all sorts of mentally scrambled in the beginning of the summer. We're all in this together!