Friday, March 27, 2009

coney island parachute jump print

so our first multiple-block assignment was to do a three colored landscape. we were showed a 'rainbow roll' (which makes me want sushi) but its a certain method of creating a gradient between colors by rolling both colors on the same brayer. so i made my sky fade into a lightblue/white color. i've always loved the silhouette of the parachute drop from coney island. i never knew what it was exactly, ive just seen it so many times driving into brooklyn, going to coney island and from seeing images of it. i never realized it was an actual ride at one point! it sure was a pain in the ass to cut out all the little shapes from the linoleum but it really paid off because i loooove how the print came out. i made a t-shirt too that my roommate wore yesterday. i have 10 prints, but some of the others have really bad registration, so i think im going to elaborate on those and draw directly on the print to continue making it an interesting image.

sweet yo

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