Thursday, February 5, 2009

first illustration of the semester

alright errbody, here is my first assignment for illustration of the semester. we had to do an illustration for the cover of time magazine and of course, it had to be about obama and what's next. mine is basically just showing that obama is going to have many influences and people trying to tell him what to do, i mean, he already does. so, yeah! here we go!

now i'm off to class for a critique on it, seeya


Steve said...

I like everything cept the background, I wish it was maybe a vignette from dark blue behind obamas head to the orange

kate b. said...

but that would just make it feel creepy. he's supposed to be powerful steveeee cmonnn

Steve said...

if you want to argue the technical aspects of making something seem angry you will surely fall at the power of my left hand. :]
p.s. whens that draw off thing at your school