Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas presents

merry christmas, happy holidays, all.

i was going to update today with all the work that i did over the semester that i hadn't posted up here yet in memorium of finals being over (which i did great on, four A's, two A-'s and one B- but it was math so its cool) definitely my best semester thus far.

because of my holiday laziness, i am not going to post all that stuff up, because, well i'm updating my website very soon i'm in the process of and all the new stuff will be there (and its going to be flash ooooOOOOooo).

so, i'm just going to post the artsy things i made for my parents and brother for christmas, which they all adored.

and i got an illustrated life by danny gregory which is an amazing book, and my fave illustrator is in there, tommy kane. i also got this sick urban art book from my brother which i spent about 2 hours flipping through this morning along with the pop up book mommy that maurice sendak did with matthew reinhart (see, pop up gods on my links bar).

so, here we go!

this first one i did for my dad, its an apron with his face looking all bad-ass on it. he is "the grillmaster" we all call him that and he shines so bright in the summer time. i also accompanied the apron with a t-bone steak.

this second one is a portrait i did for my brother of one of his best friends, Stu. Stu is one of a kind and I guess you have to really know him the understand the hilarious comedy in this portrait. he's still kinda funny lookin though

and this last one is for my mom. its this picture of my brother (which is my favorite photograph of all time) and i started painting it in oils like a year ago and basically abadoned it (like many oil paintings ive attempted) and she kept begging me to finish it. so i started new and fresh and did it over again in inks (a much more comfortable medium)
i may go back into it though

so, happy holidays y'all. i'll keep ya updated on the website.


Tommy Kane said...

I'm very excited to be someone's fav illustrator. Thank you.

Deb said...

Hey, I remember that photo! Very cool.